We are excited to be offering the following classes this summer.

More-than-a Book Club 

Support reading enjoyment for your child by signing up for a book club (or two) this summer with their friends!

The focus of our “More Than a Book Club” sessions will be to bring fiction books to life by reading a book with friends and doing fun activities to support the concepts and vocabulary found in the book such as movement and hands-on activities. 

We will provide your students with a modified book and provide parents with resources help support their children and better engage with the book. Drop off our child and enjoy a little free time while we provide provide dinner!

One-on-one Tutoring 

Private, 1:1 tutoring will be available this summer for Pre-K and Elementary aged students who have been or are currently enrolled in The Learning Program, 

Our teachers are fully credentialed and currently work in our Learning Program classes. Sessions will last 60 minutes and may be scheduled as often as you would like. We do request a minimum of 2 sessions/month so that your child’s teacher has an opportunity to better understand your child’s needs.

Cost: $35/session. With grant support, we are able to offer tutoring for this reduced price for up to 8 sessions in the months of June, July and August! 

Community Partnership 

The Kirkwood Legion Baseball Team is welcoming Maren Fund students o Kirkwood home games to throw out the first pitch, run the bases and give a high five to all team members. It's a great way for students to spend time with friends and potentially spark an interest in baseball.

Game dates in June include: June 3, 5, 6, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 at 5:30pm!

Interested? Email julie@marenfund.org and let us know what game you would like to sign up for!

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