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Julie Williams chosen for 2018 Superheroes for Kids award!

“The St. Louis Arc is proud to honor Julie Williams as our 2018 Superhero for Kids because she proves that ‘everyday people’ can make extraordinary things happen,” - the St. Louis ARC.

Our very own founder Julie Williams was awarded the 2018 Superhero for Kids Award by the St. Louis ARC for her advocacy for children with Down syndrome and other disabilities and creation of the Maren Fund and Learning Program of St. Louis!

On Thursday, April 19 more than 400 guests gathered - including many members of our community - for a superhero-themed cocktail party benefiting the St. Louis Arc and honoring Julie. Everyone enjoyed delicious food, music and fun superhero attire! The night concluded with a beautiful acceptance speech by Julie.

In acceptance of this award, Julie would also like to recognize Dana Halle who created The Learning Program of Orange County and sharing it with the Maren Fund, Linda Orso for being instrumental in helping launch initial classes for the Learning Program, Director of Children's Programs and Services for the Maren Fund - Mary Sinnett and husband and daughter Kip and Annie Williams.

"I am feeling so loved and appreciate so many for helping families and kids with Down syndrome learn!" Julie says. "Thank-you to SLARC for recognizing me as 2018's Superhero for Kids .... It was an incredible event for a wonderful organization."

Below are some awesome videos produced by the ARC about Julie and the event. Check them out!

2018 Superheroes for Kids Recap

To all our supporters, families and community members - thank you for your constant support of the Maren Fund and the Learning Program of St. Louis!


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