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All Maren Fund programs will be conducted using an online platform from September thru December, resuming in-person classes in January, 2021. 

Maren Prep classes provide academic instruction to teens with Down syndrome who are in middle and high school. Maren Prep allows us to continue to support academic, language and social skill learning for this specific age group with specific classes.​ We are excited to be "Always Learning" and to be expanding in this direction - helping teens, and parents, prepare for adult life.



Check out our classes:

Graduate Group (Middle School)

Grad Group is a great way to support teens with social development and academics "sprinkled in". This group meets once/month Friday evenings  – we will have a monthly live Zoom session from Sept-Dec with the hopes of being in-person from Jan – May 2021. We will focus our discussions around "independence" this year. We have a fun curriculum planned!


Click "register for this class" for class dates and tuition information or go to the calendar. 


Cost: $75 for Sept - Dec

          $150 for Jan - May


Price includes four Zoom Sessions, home-use materials, all materials delivered, additional supports/engagement; five in-person sessions (pending COVID-19); scholarships available

After School Academy (Middle and High School)

After School Academy is a fun way for middle and high school students to continue academic, language, and social skills in a more focused and consistent manner. This program meets weekly during three sessions each year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Our Fall program will be online with the hopes of conducting Winter and Spring sessions in person. 


Teens work on literacy and math skills as well as language, communication, and social development. We will deliver all materials to be used to your home before the start of class; the curriculum will then be followed online.


Click "register for this class" for class dates and tuition information or go to the calendar. 

Note: Fall session will meet T/Thursday online from 4- 5:00 PM; Winter and Spring Sessions will be moving to Thursdays from 4:30–6:30 


Cost: $150/session (price includes two weekly Zoom Sessions in the Fall, all materials delivered; scholarships available

Club 21 (High School)

Club 21 is specifically for high school and post-high school students, emphasizing preparing students for adult life by learning cooking skills. We are shifting to online from Sept-Dec with the hope of meeting in-person from Jan – May. Our monthly online sessions will focus on various cooking skills, vocabulary, etc. with recipes sent home to work on throughout the month and review when we get together. The focus is on preparing healthy meals and practicing their academic skills, as it applies to cooking. 


Club 21 is a great way to promote independence, build confidence, and develop healthy habits. It is also plenty of fun! Our students learn tips and techniques that will help them create healthy, memorable meals for themselves, their families, and friends!


Our recipes have been designed specifically for Club 21 and are: 

  • Are easy to follow 

  • Use simple ingredients and tools to prepare great-tasting meals. 

  • Have been tested by our staff 

  • Include options for special diets, like gluten-free and dairy-free.


Click "register for this class" for class dates and tuition information or go to the calendar. 


Cost: $75 for Sept - Dec

         $150 for Jan - May


Price includes Zoom sessions from Sept-Dec, additional supports, home-use materials, all materials delivered, in-person meetings (Pending COVID-19) from Jan – May; scholarships available)

Maren Fund Internship

We have offered internship positions to our 2019-20 interns since they did not finish their in-person jobs last year, as a result of COVID-19. However, if your son/daughter is interested, please contact us, and we will see what we can do.  


Availability is driven by our enrollment. The fall sessions from Sept-Dec will meet virtually – interns will learn about various job-related skills, set goals and help record the reading of books for our Level 1, 2, and 3 classes. From Jan – May, we hope to be in-person, and they will work in the classrooms. New interns will complete an application and interview. 


Click "register for this class" for class dates and tuition information or go to the calendar. 


Cost: N/C (interns receive materials)

College Prep

We are excited to be offering a new program this year! Our "College Prep" program helps high school graduates continue to apply their academic skills and build independence through individual assignments and accountability. This class requires homework completion and asks for focused participation every week. College prep meets two times/week from Sept – December on Tuesday/Thursday from 1-3:00. We will meet at Missouri Baptist University but will begin the year virtually, moving to campus once classroom options are available.  


Click "register for this class" for class dates and tuition information or go to the calendar. 

Price:  $450/semester (15 weeks)

Cost includes large group/small group meetings from Sept 8 thru Dec, 2020 meeting twice/week on T/Th at 1:00; initially, class sessions will be on-line with small group meetings adjusted around student schedules; price includes materials, use of a Chromebook, supports as needed.  Specific questions can be answered by contacting


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