Maren Prep classes focus specifically on teens in middle and high school with Down syndrome.  Maren Prep allows us to continue to support academic, language and social skill learning for this specific age group with specific classes.​ We are excited to be "Always Learning" and to be expanding in this direction - helping teens, and parents, prepare for adult life .  Check out our classes!

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Graduate Group (Middle School)

Grad Group is a great way to support teens with social development and academics "sprinkled in".


This group meets once/month Friday evenings (Sept - May) and works on a variety of skills such as safety, etiquette, ordering at a restaurant, teamwork, game night, etc. It's a fun and social atmosphere.


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After School Academy (middle and high school)

After School Academy is a fun way to continue on academic, language and social skills in a more focused and consistent manner.  


This program meets weekly for 8 weeks. We offer 3 sessions annually (fall, winter, spring). This program meets Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Teens build literacy and math skills as well as language, communication and social development.  We are excited to be using Google Chromebooks this year to integrate technology use into the curriculum. 


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Club 21 (high schoolers)

Club 21 is specifically for high school and post-high school students with an emphasis on preparing students for adult life by learning cooking skills. Students come together and use their academic skills to create a healthy meal once/month. The group reads recipes, cooks dinner, builds academic skills, and then eats their dinner in a fun social group. 


After each class. students receive different recipes for the month and can try them at home in between classes to help practice the skills gained each month. Club 21 is a great way to promote independence, build confidence, and develop healthy habits. It’s also plenty of fun! 

Our students learn tips and techniques that will help them create healthy, memorable meals for themselves, their families, and friends! 


Are you interested in practicing cooking using our materials? We’ve put together a few of our best recipes for you to try. 

Club 21 recipes:

  • Are easy to follow.

  • Use simple ingredients and tools to prepare great-tasting meals. 

  • Have been tested by our staff and prepared at our in-person classes at least one time. 

  • Contain options for special diets, like gluten-free and dairy-free.

  • Looking for more? Contact us to set up access to our online platform and get access to more materials. 

Maren Fund Internship 

Interested in being an intern for our Saturday morning Learning Program classes?  You must be able to attend all nine monthly classes along with a training session.


We have a limited number of spots available so register today - please note, registration does not mean your child will get into the program.  The number of spots we can offer is driven by the number of registrations we have for our Saturday morning Learning Program classes, which will be determined by the end of August.  


Your son/daughter will receive an application to be completed and an interview will be scheduled. Preference will be given to new interns but we welcome returning interns and will use them if we have the space available!