Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Program Questions

How are the Learning Program classes structured?

Parents bring their child each month. The Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 children will go into a classroom staffed by several Early Childhood and Elementary Special Education Trained teachers. In addition, a Speech Therapist is in the classroom and we have consult support from an Occupational Therapist as needed. These teachers will work with the children in literacy, math and communication – the approach they use with the children will also be taught to the parents.

For those in Early Childhood, the children will attend a 30-minute open-play session while parents will meet together briefly. Then parents and children will participate in an hour-long learning session concentrating on various pre-literacy, language, early numeracy, and other skills staffed by several Early Childhood trained educators and therapists. Total class time is 1 ½ hrs.

Toddler Time was created for those who just missed the age cut-off for Early Childhood class. This class is a parent-child class where you will learn some pre-literacy skills that you can use to work with your child before joining us next year in the Early Childhood class. This class is limited to 6 families.

What are the parents learning?

For Levels 1, 2 & 3, while the children are in their classroom, parents will be receiving a lecture on literacy topics, math topics and other topics of interest (behavior, etc.). The parents will be taught the “tools” to encourage literacy and math development at home. Each month everyone will receive literacy, math and/or other materials to use at home between sessions. There is also an opportunity to share ideas and problem-solve as needed.

For those in Early Childhood, parents will receive support in the lecture and classroom on specific topics that will be supported in the parent/child classroom session. We will work to offer educational assistance at all early-learning levels including skills for those children that are a bit older. Parents will also receive take home materials each month to use between sessions

What if I don’t know which class to register my child for?

We want to ensure that both you and your child have the best possible learning experience. If you have any questions about which class your child should attend please feel free to contact Julie Williams at 314-258-2955 or via e-mail ( ). We can also tap into the expertise of our Lead Classroom teacher, Mary Sinnett, for placement advice.

What if a parent can’t attend?

If a parent is not available to attend on a regular basis, another adult family member can attend in their place. However, an adult must accompany all children to each session. For the Early Childhood classes, those attending will be asked to actively participate with their child and it is recommended that the individual who works with the child most often attend.

Can a parent attend without a child?

Yes, you do have the option of attending without your child, if you prefer. Please indicate this preference on your registration form.

When is registration due for the 2019-20 program year?

Registration must be completed by Friday August 16th. Please go to our website at and complete the on-line registration form or download the form and return by e-mail to or mail it to:

The Maren Fund

c/o Julie Williams

329 Way Ave

Kirkwood, MO 63122

What if classes fill?

Unfortunately we are limited based on space and staffing. While we will do our best to accommodate everyone, if we receive more applications than we can handle, we may need to hold a lottery for class spots. We will notify you as to the outcome.

What if my child and I don’t get a slot?

Please do not fear! Our goal is to continue to expand this program to more families and a broader age range. We will do everything possible to accommodate any waiting lists.

Do you offer other programs?

We also offer one-on-one tutoring, typically for those individuals who have been in the program and understand the evidence-based strategies that we use. However, we are happy to help support families in any way possible.

Maren Prep Questions

Do parents attend Maren Prep classes?

All of our Maren Prep classes are children-only, you can drop off your child and, depending on location, run errands or wait in the waiting room. Some people are able to carpool and if that is something that interests you please let us know and we may be able to connect you with people in your area.

Are Maren Prep classes social events?

The focus of each of our Maren Prep classes is different (see class descriptions) however, our underlying purpose for each class is academic and skill-building. Grad Group is probably the most social class but we continue to emphasize a particular subject or area.

Which Maren Prep classes are the most academic?

Our After School Academy is structured to be an academic class – we meet in three separate eight-week long sessions after school. The teens will rotate through a math section, literacy section and a social/language session. Dinner is included!

What about parent involvement?

Parents can be involved in the teaching-focus of their child as much as they want to. We do have parent meetings and the kids will get take-home materials to be used between sessions so that you can continue to work on the skills discussed in class.

When is registration due for the 2019.20 program year?

Registration must be completed by Friday August 16th. Please go to our website at and complete the on-line registration form or download the form and return by e-mail to or mail it to:

The Maren Fund

c/o Julie Williams

329 Way Ave

Kirkwood, MO 63122

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