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Toddler Time Classes

Miss the age cut-off for our Early Childhood class? No worries! We have created a new Toddler Time class. This class is specifically created for parents who have kids that just miss our cut-off date but want to start working with them. We do have limited slots so if you are interested please register soon.


This class meets 4 times per year. You will learn some of the basic Learning Program strategies and tactics that can be easily implemented at a young age. See Calendar for class dates/times/location

$200 for the year

Early Childhood Classes

These classes are for anyone new to the program with a child 2-to 4-years old. This class focuses on development of pre-literacy, language, and numeracy skills. Classes involve a short parent lecture followed by play-based learning with the parent and child together.


The EC format is a 1-½ hour parent/child format in which the parent receives a lecture for 30 minutes and then joins their child for the remaining hour in circle time and at various centers. Please note: your child must be 2 by July 31, 2020 to be eligible for this program. 


This class meets once/month from Sept - May - see calendar for class dates/times/location

$350 for the year

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